Rules of Formalization of Materials

Dear authors!

1.   Materials shall be sent in electronic form (Word 7.0 or later version) at the electronic address of the Editors Office: (text — spacing 1.5, font size — 14, with signature of the author on the last page; footnotes are issued by page, formalized in accordance with the current GOST). Volume of the material shall not exceed 10 pages. The materials which were published or offered to several journals shall not be taken for consideration.

2.   The author shall receive information on the status of his article upon request.

3.   The contract on transfer of the right to use pieces of work shall be concluded in oral form and free of charge, i.e. no payment shall be taken from authors including post-graduates for publication of an article, copyright royalties shall not be paid either. By sending of an article for publication the author expresses consent to its reduction and editing, placement in legal reference systems, data bases, and electronic resources (including Internet), which have relevant agreements with the Editors Office. On sending an article it is necessary to attach to it the signed application which can be downloaded here

4.   The article shall contain:

a)   family name, name, patronymic name in full, post, place of work (unabridged), academic degree, academic title in Russian and in English.

b)   name of article and translation of it into English;

c)   annotation in Russian and in English (4–5 lines);

d)   key words from the text of the article (4–6 words or collocations

e)   business address or email address (this info will be published);

f)   contact telephone number (for the Editors Office);

g)   precise postal address with postal index number. The author shall be provided with two free copies of the journal where his article was published.

Besides at the end of the article the author shall place a list of bibliography (this list shall be prepared in alphabetical order and contain names of scientific sources mentioned in footnotes). Please be aware that a list of normative acts shall be made in accordance with legal force thereof and be formalized in a separate list. The data given to the Editors Office in accordance with the current point shall be placed in the Russian Science Citation Index.

We strongly recommend that authors familiarize themselves with articles devoted to similar topics which were already published and make not less than two references to the journals of the United Editors Office of the Publishing Group “Jurist”.

5.   Materials shall be topical, original, contain the task and describe results of the research, conform to the current legislation and have a conclusion.

6. We ask authors to check general spelling of the materials to be sent and correctness of spelling of relevant legal terms, compliance with rules of scientific citation and availability of necessary information.

7. On sending articles of post-graduates and candidates one should attach a review of a scientific supervisor or recommendation of the chair certified by the stamp of an institution.

Materials which do not conform to the requirements mentioned above shall not be taken for consideration and reviewing.

In case of any questions related to formalization of materials  please contact the Editors Office at (495) 953-91-08 or email:

Address of the Editors Office: 26/55, Bldg. 7, Kosmodamianskaya Emb., Moscow, 115035