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Legal Issues of Real Estate

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 Editor in chief:

Avtonomov Alexey Stanislavovich, Vice-rector of the A.S. Griboedov Institute of International  Law and Economics, doctor of juridical sciences, professor

Editorial board:

Chornovol Elena Nikolaevna;
Kirsanov A.R., Candidate of Law Sciences;
Dolinskaya Vladimira Vladimirovna, Professor of the  Department of Civil Law of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Doctor of Law, Professor;
Lipsky Stanislav Andrzejevich, Head of the Department of Land Law, State University of Land Management, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor;
Okunev Alexander Ivanovich, Candidate of Law Sciences;
Avekov Vladimir Vasilyevich, Candidate of Economic Sciences;
Samoylova A.S., doctor of jurisprudence, professor;
Poltorak Grigory Vialyevich;
Vladova I.I.;
Totsky Nikolay Nikolaevich, Candidate of Law Sciences;
Shmakov Alexander Gennadyevich.

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Federal scientific and practical information journal


2 000


"Rospechat" - 82197;

"Union Catalogue" - 15096;

"Catalogue of the Russian press" - 12292.


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Headings and types of publishing materials:

Actual problems of legal regulation in the sphere of real estate, legislation, judicial practice. Real estate transactions: legal issues, the legal status of the premises; land law; mortgage.

Issued since 2003 

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