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State and municipal financial control

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Editor in chief:

Arzumanov Lana Lvovna, doctor of juridical sciences, associate Professor, Professor of the Department fi nancial law of University named after O. E. Kutafin


Since 2018 edition of the magazine suspended

Editorial board:

Artemov N.M., doctor of law, Professor;
Boltinova O.V., doctor of law, Professor;
Vinnitskiy D.V., doctor of law, Professor;
Gracheva E.Yu., doctor of law, Professor;
Gritsenko V.V., doctor of law, Professor;
Zubarev S.M., doctor of law, Professor;
Ivlieva M.F., candidate of legal Sciences, associate Professor;
Kilinkarova E.V., candidate of legal Sciences;
Kir'yanov A.Yu., candidate of legal Sciences;
Razgildieva M.B., doctor of legal Sciences, associate Professor;
и doctor of juridical Sciences, associate Professor.




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published 4 times a year

About the journal:

On the pages of the magazine you will find the study of topical issues of financial control, carried out at state and municipal levels. The journal is intended for theoretical and practical solutions in the field of methodology of state and municipal financial control, the exercise of the powers of the authorities budget and tax control, the protection of the rights of the public legal entities, enterprises, institutions when conducting financial control. Determination of compositions of constituent entities of the financial offences, the establishment of grounds of exemption from financial and legal liability. Analysis of judicial practice on issues of state and municipal financial control. Review of current legislation and complex issues of law enforcement practice in this area.

The main headings:

  • Theory and methodology of state and municipal financial control
  • Budget control
  • Tax control
  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Control procurement
  • Finance municipal institutions and enterprises
  • Practice and experience of state and municipal control
  • Financial offences and liability for committing them

Target audience:

Civil servants, employees of municipalities, control and audit bodies, accountants and lawyers of the state and municipal enterprises and establishments, tax inspections, the Bank of Russia, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Federal Treasury, judges, lawyers, and considering the leading cases relating to state and municipal Finance (budget, taxes, procurement, bankruptcy, etc.).

 Issued since 2016 

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