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State Power and Local Self-government

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    The order of review


Editor in chief:

Makarov Andrey Vladimirovich, dean of law department of the Transbaikal state university, doctor of jurisprudence, professor

Editorail board:

Avakyan Suren Adibekovich, head of the department of the constitutional and municipal right of law department of the Moscow State University (MSU) of M.V. Lomonosov, doctor of jurisprudence, professor, Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation;
Bobrova Natalya Alekseevna, professor of department of the constitutional and administrative law of the Samara university of public administration "The international institute of the market", doctor of jurisprudence, professor, Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation;
Wang Zhihua, Doctor of Law, Professor, Professor of China University of Political Science and Law, Deputy Chairman of the Research Center of Russian Law, Secretary General of the Association of Comparative Law of China, Lawyer of Beijing Deiheng Law Office;
Panarin Andrey Aleksandrovich, president of "Educational Consortium Central Russian University" Non-profit partnership, Chief of staff of the Russian professorial meeting, director of the center for digital technologies in Economics of the RUDN University,  Doctor of Economics, associate professor;
Tabolin Vladimir Viktorovich, head of the department of the constitutional and international law of the State university of management, professor of department of public law and legal support of management of the State university of management, doctor of jurisprudence, professor;
Shapsugov Damir Yusufovich, the director of the center of legal researches and the head of the department of the theory and history of the right and the state of the Southern Russian institute of management - RANEPA branch, the doctor of jurisprudence, professor.

Expert board:

Evdokimov Vyacheslav Borisovich, chief researcher of Research institute of Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, doctor of jurisprudence, professor;
Marchenko Mikhail Nikolaevich, head of the department of the theory of the state and right and political science of law department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, doctor of jurisprudence, professor, Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation;
Mokryy Vladimir Semenovich, managing the sector of the municipal right and local government of IGP RAS, the doctor of jurisprudence;
Ostrovsky Andrey Vladimirovich, deputy director of Institute of the Far East RAS, head of the Center of economic and social researches of China of IDV RAS, Doctor of Economics, professor.

Status as the media:

Federal scientific and practical journal


2 000


"Rospechat" - 47640, 80926 (year);

"Union Catalogue" - 85489;

"Catalogue of the Russian press" - 10745.


6 times in half a year


Issues of state building, the ratio of state and federal laws, the problems of local government, social and political practice, the theory of the state, the problem of constitutional justice, issues of suffrage, materials of conferences, round tables and parliamentary hearings, international and European standards of democracy in the public sphere, foreign experience.

Headings and types of published materials:

Law, society, the state, parliamentary, state-building, issues of suffrage, topical issues of local self-government, constitutional justice, budget relations, finance, public property, a point of view, foreign experience; review. Scientific articles, analytical generalizations, expert opinions, bills and analysis, projects and existing legal documents, compilation practices of state and local government, excerpts from monographs, reviews of scientific publications, book reviews, debates on current issues in legal practice, materials of jurisprudence.

Recommended by the Supreme Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation for publications of results of PhD and doctoral theses.

Issued since 1998 

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