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Russian Law №2 - 2009

  • N. V. Skorobogatova On the History of Arbitral and Judicial Consideration of Labor Disputes: The 1928 Rules
  • S. M. Shestova Development of Russian Legislation on the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture
  • I. V. Doinikov Crisis in the Codification of Russian Legislation
  • V. S. Belykh and P. A. Izbrekht Abuse of Civil Rights in Entrepreneurial Relations
  • O. A. Gerasimov Systematization of Mining and Metallurgy Law in Russia
  • A.Belkin Disputed Merits and Undoubted Shortcomings of the Jury
  • N. Iu. Erpyleva and I. V. Getman-Pavlova Improving Russian Legislation on Private International Law
  • P. P. Kremnev Autonomy of Soviet Socialist Republics in International Relations
  • A. I. Porotikov Teaching Private International Law as Conflicts of Law
  • A. D. Brik Problems of Migration Law
In the Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Iu. S. Shemshuchenko Codification of International Ecological Law
  • V. S. Kamenkov and L. E. Kamenkova Reforming the Economic Court of the CIS
Pedagogical Practice
  • Chapter 5, International Law: S. A. Egorov, Law of International Treaties
Judicial Practice
  • Ruling of Judicial Division for Civil Cases of Supreme Court of Russian Federation, 19 August 2008 [Excerpt]
Arbitral Practice
  • International Commercial Arbitration Court (Moscow), Case No. 140/2003, Decree of 14 February 2006
Review Article
  • W. E. Butler On Maritime Arbitration in Russia
  • Federal Law on Trusteeship and Guardianship (24 April 2008)
Recent Publications
  • Recent Publications