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Russian Law №1 - 2009

  • Svetlana Boshno Theory of the Normative Legal Act in Practice
  • A. N. Kandikova Notarial Assistance to Foreign States in Inheritance Matters
  • D. Burachevskii Arbitration and Stockholder Rights
  • V. K. Bobrova Plenipotentiary Representative of the President to the Constitutional Court
  • A. V. Daguev Judicial Review of Russian Treaties Not in Force
  • I. V. Vorontsova Judicial Precedent in Doctrine and Practice
  • O. V. Sitnikova Notarial Mediation
  • Marina Soshnikova Social and Economic Rights: Enforcement Mechanism
In the Commonwealth of Independent States
  • E. V. Tkachenko Transport Law in Russia and Uzbekistan
Comparative Law
  • A. Likhanskaya Invalidity of Domestic Contracts: American and Russian Views
  • Vera Lisitsyna-Svetlanova Threats to Successful Operation of European Union Leniency Notice
Pedagogical Practice
  • Chapter 4, International Law: I. I. Lukashuk,
  • Subjects of International Law
Judicial Practice
  • Ruling of Judicial Division for Criminal Cases of Supreme Court of Russian Federation, 23 November 2007, No. 5-O07-193СП
Arbitral Practice
  • International Commercial Arbitration Court (Moscow), Case No. 48/2005, Award of 19 May 2006
Review Article
  • W. E. Butler Comparative Law in the CIS
  • Federal Law on the Procedure for the Effectuation of Foreign Investments in Economic Societies Having Strategic Significance for Ensuring the Defense of the Country and Security of the State (29 April 2008)
  • Edict on the Council attached to the President of the Russian Federation for the Codification and Improvement of Civil Legislation (5 October 1999, as amended)
  • Edict on Improvement of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (18 July 2008)
Recent Publications